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Posted November 14, 2017

GNR Rental Service

No More Capital Expenditure !

Why IT Rental Solution?

The principal advantage of renting is that the customer can enjoy the benefits of new technology without having to incur significant costs in buying equipment. Technology moves ahead rapidly, yet with renting, clients stand to stay up to date with the latest configurations and updates that a provider like us offers. This also mitigates the need for disposal.

Renting solutions can be tailored to the needs of the customer with several exclusive payment options. Guarantees are also offered. Renting helps the customer minimise capital expenditure and use their funds to power his core business objectives both in the short and long term.

Rent Quotation Gateway

The GNR Advantage

We provide IT Rental Support at affordable rates.
Our renting services reduce your capital outlay since you can decide what you rent and we will have it delivered at your doorstep.


Support: Renting comes with 24/7 support for your equipment related needs, even after normal working hours.


Project Flexibility: It allows you to perform seasonal, temporary or specialised work as per your requirements.


Project Schedule: It helps to keep your projects on schedule. Renting helps reduce both downtime from equipment maintenance and the huge costs of parts and labour.


Performance Guaranteed: Rental equipment comes with a worry-free guarantee, assuring you that the equipment you use, will be serviced and well maintained.


Tax and Depreciation: If you opt to buy your equipment at one go, it will depreciate in value over time. When you rent for business purposes, you stand to gain by reducing capital outlay.