Refurbished Products

Posted November 14, 2017

GNR Refurbished Product

As Good as NEW!

Why Shop with GNR Solution?

  • Factory Refurbished Electronics: These products come  warranty and have been carefully tested and professionally restored to its original standards.


  • Return policy: A liberal return policy gives you the flexibility to return in case of the unlikely event of a problem or your being unhappy with it.


  • Warranty: A 30-day warranty is offered on refurbished products which is as good or even better than several lesser known retailers and manufacturers.


  • Latest Specifications: The refurbished computer will have all the latest upgrades and will be in line with the latest configurations available.


  • Cost Effective: Buying a refurbished computer or equipment is far more cost-effective in comparison to purchasing a new computer. At the same price that you would invest in a new machine, you can get a refurbished one that is powered by a significantly higher configuration and specifications.

Refurbished vs New

If you are looking for refurbished computers or other IT products for yourself or your company, as opposed to investing in new equipment, we can provide you with the best options from our vast range.

This will not only help save costs but, give you products are built and refurbished to last while remaining cost efficient all the while. At GNR there is never a compromise on quality and service which remain our hallmark in this field.


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