Here is what Industry insights says about IT Refurbished Product !

Posted March 28, 2018

 Will you prefer Refurbished Computer?

Have you ever thought what happens with very new 20 to 40 days return computer /laptop  back to seller ?
What you think , what must be they doing with such product?

Refurbished = renovate + redecorate & As Good as New
Ofcource they can not sell it under new product category nor they scrap it totally , by considering that it can be use again. So they sell such product under Refurbished category but this time at low price & for limited period warranty. 
So will you go for such product?

Then  you must have below checklist while going for  Refurbished computer /laptop or any related product.

  • Check for Manufacturing defects
  • Scratches on Screen
  • Software Problem
  • Battery Problem
  • Hard Drive Problem
  • If it is USED check for years
  • Warranty for any near future issue
  • Return policy
  • Compare or bargain for Price
  • After sale service / Customer care
  • Last but not least take one your friend who knows every thing about technical.
Take away from this post could be always buy what you can afford , but at the cost of all precaution as not regret later.

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