Buying New vs Used IT Equipment!

Posted February 5, 2018

Do you buy USED IT Equipment?

In new computer & laptop price, you can buy more than one equipment if you choose used IT Products, which are as good as new.

Every time when we thought of buying computer or related products we simply go to branded shop and by paying market price we buy it! At the time of purchasing we just get impressed with sale person talks and then you know what happens.

Why you should choose used IT product over new.

– When you buy new computer , it comes with so many hidden charges and with taxes. So eventually it cost high. Where as at time of buying used computer  you can buy multiple equipment in same price that too with high configuration.

– New computer comes with warranty for longer period which is good , but at time of any issue dealer ask you take it to its brand shop or they keep it for long to make it work. Where as when you go for used products , they serve you 24*7 support for any issue.

– Ofource , if we are going to spend so much of money then , we must receive such kind of service & we never thought for this.
Now a days people go for online shopping , in such case how will it get address for uncertain event? Who will be the concern individual to take this forward or the place?

The idea of going for used IT product must not be that famous for individual, but in today’s expensive world all corporate working in Information Technology go for used stuff to save over huge cost!

How will you feel of getting Apple product just at a cost of any other mobile?
Cheery on the cake right !


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