Meet the Team

Posted November 14, 2017

Pillar’s Of GNR Solution

When Lokesh Kasat came to Pune in 2001, he had already made up his mind on starting his own business.  He studied for his diploma in computer hardware networking and worked as a trainee engineer. Now, he runs a computer refurbishing and rental business, along with his brother. Post 2003 his brother Pankaj Kasat joined, the duo purchased their first office and Global Networking Resources (GNR) Pvt. Ltd. was born. 

The Kasat brothers also work as mentors and are dedicated to making every trainee’s experience as practical as possible. Committed to making every experience count, the brothers started GNR Institute in 2011 that offered a job-oriented industrial training course.

While being in Pune city for long , they say “We haven’t faced any language barriers. It’s so easy to mix up with people belonging to other cultures. It’s such a safe city with great internal infrastructure,” explains Pankaj Kasat.

“More than 500 trainee engineers have worked with us.  Theory is important but on the field it is the practical work that matters,” says Lokesh Kasat.

GNR Solutions is looking at a bright future ahead, says Kasat Brothers!

Lokesh Kasat GNR Founder


With more than 10 years of experience in the information technology industry,
Lokesh Kasat is an expert in the field of comprehensive and innovative IT solutions.

Pankaj Kasat Founder GNR


After achieving a Bachelor of Commerce degree, Pankaj Kasat specialised in the IT field. He has more than 10 years of experience, working with C level executives, vice-presidents and senior managers in various industries. He has built a strong team of experts to handle and execute all business strategies of GNR Solution Pvt Ltd.

Ashish Joshi


8 years of experience in Technical Support and marketing. Motivating the team to achieve high standards and GNR targets. Working with the sales and marketing team to drive sales forward. Mentoring and training junior and new staff. Has great understanding of a particular product changing circumstances in the firm, and responsible for facilitating growth, sales and marketing strategy.