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Posted November 14, 2017

Pillar’s Of GNR Solution.

The Founders Lokesh and Pankaj Kasat are a typical example of a new generation, young entrepreneur who leads from the front. Deeply involved with every facet of managing the GNR empire, these brothers from Bhilwara are committed to client satisfaction.

With several years of successful business experience, they power GNR ably assisted by Ashish Joshi ( Chief Marketing Officer ) and a large team of engineers, sales and service professionals among others. They are based at their corporate headquarters in Pune and cater to clients across the country.

Lokesh Kasat GNR Founder
Pankaj Kasat Founder GNR
Ashish Joshi


With more than 10 years of experience in the information technology industry,
Lokesh Kasat is an expert in the field of comprehensive and innovative IT solutions.


After achieving a Bachelor of Commerce degree, Pankaj Kasat specialised in the IT field. He has more than 10 years of experience, working with C level executives, vice-presidents and senior managers in various industries. He has built a strong team of experts to handle and execute all business strategies of GNR Solution Pvt Ltd.


8 years of experience in Technical Support and marketing. Motivating the team to achieve high standards and GNR targets. Working with the sales and marketing team to drive sales forward. Mentoring and training junior and new staff. Has great understanding of a particular product changing circumstances in the firm, and responsible for facilitating growth, sales and marketing strategy.