Here is what Industry insights says about IT Refurbished Product !

Posted March 28, 2018

 Will you prefer Refurbished Computer? Have you ever thought what happens with very new 20 to 40 days return computer /laptop  back to seller ? What you think ,...

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Why buy ? When you can RENT !

Posted March 3, 2018

5 Things To Know About IT Equipment RENT IT RENTAL hearing this idea for the first run through or you know about it? On the off chance that still you...

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Buying New vs Used IT Equipment!

Posted February 5, 2018

Do you buy USED IT Equipment? In new computer & laptop price, you can buy more than one equipment if you choose used IT Products, which are as good...

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E-waste – 21st Century Challenge

Posted November 2, 2017

Why should you Recycle – E-waste? Save The Earth  By means of call we all understand what is E-waste . while we purchase any product made with plastic or metals , no one consider what’s going to occur after it wears out!   Natural resources...

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